Everything starts here. In the quiet of

About Me....

I believe that our connection with spirit is opened and strengthened through  our heart space. When we truly feel this within ourselves it will create a ripple effect into the world unfolding your journey of connection to your family and community around you. It all starts within us. We all have the tools within us to heal ourselves and the world around us. I have always felt since I was a little girl that there is something bigger then me working through me. My intuition was guiding me.... Sometimes I was "hearing" it and sometimes I wasn't. (Maybe you can relate) It is my experience that when I really started to listen and allow the inner voice within to guide me, the paths of healing really began. The paths of connection in community expanded. The paths to hold space as a healer in this world expanded.
I believe that my work is to be a guide back to your soul. The real you, The one who is buried under all the layers of who you are not. To help you integrate your mind, body, spirit and heart to be able to live in JOY! Joy from the depth of your being!



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