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The Weather Within

After an adventure with my babe and friends on the open water I have a new respect for the strength, vastness, softness, depth, beauty, support and life of the ocean. Feeling so vulnerable, small and how fragile my body and life are in comparison to the grandness of the ocean. Faith and trust was paramount! Faith and trust in my love and his friend who were the captains of our vessel. Faith and trust in myself and the universal path I am on. Really I am my home base.... even in the bigness of this trip. I am my home base. I control the weather inside. My breath. My heartbeat. My heart. My fears. My faith. My openness to learn. My openness to love. Openness to receive it. Trust to exchange it. Without blocking. Protecting. Fully vulnerable with my whole being. Not easy. These dharma tests. I could have flipped out. I could have done a lot of things that would have taken me out of my experience and my agreement with my own spirit to be in this. To be connected even if it’s hard. Even if I am seeing myself in different ways. Even if it is scary. To stay in the work. Stay in the yes to my growth. Yes to my heart. Yes to his heart too. Yes to faith and fear. Those Mantras though!!! Whew! They got me there. They kept me centered. The song started with a panic rhythm inside my mind and by the time I heard there is land I was already singing inside in Bhakti style. In devotion to this path. In devotion to all of this. #bhaktilife

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