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With These Two Feet

With these 2 feet I stand. I stand for myself. My heart. My purpose. What I think is right. Inside of me, my family and community. Sometimes the stand is a little stronger. What happens when I don’t stand for myself with power & grace? What happens to my body? My life? My creative flow? There is this restriction of my soul. My essence that needs to break open to be free to let light in. Maybe you feel this too when you don’t stand in your own 2 feet?

These 2 feet, your feet can stand in strength & grace with so much power. This doesn’t have to be a forceful energy. There can be softness that allows movement and growth. Just like the river flowing around them. Allowing for the movement and guidance of spirit while still being grounded. Grounded doesn’t mean being concrete in belief or ego based reactions in what you stand for but an allowance of space to see where and how you will take a stand in these 2 feet. First for yourself and your heart. Your family. Your purpose. Your community and whatever calls you into the space of expansive growth. What and how you stand in these 2 feet doesn’t have to be concrete in your beliefs because through this journey they may change if you allow the grace to be open to see what that means to you. As I stood in this beautiful mountain creek with the breeze gently blowing through I had this come strong over me… What does it feel like for you to stand tall in these 2 feet? What does that mean to you? Maybe part of that isn’t easy to find the strength to do.. Maybe its scary.. Maybe you haven’t done it in so long you don’t know where to start. How important is this practice in your life? There is this freedom that you feel in your soul when you begin this part of your journey that can be life changing if you allow it. Not just for you and your heart but for your community around you. How do you stand in your own 2 feet? What is the ripple effect of this in your life? You are the only one who can do this for you!

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