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The Naked Truth Within

There is a deep naked truth within us waiting to be embodied. To be embraced. To be celebrated. A truth so deep within us it can’t be ignored. For if we continue to ignore this truth it will only keep us out of alignment with our spirit. This spiritual journey has really brought me to my own attention in so many ways, some hard raw lessons and some beautiful and liberating. I have been working on finding the softer side of myself as a woman and human being growing spiritually. More forgiving of myself. More forgiving of others. Also finding ways to stay in the centered space and connection to myself when situations that are coming at me. I am not always successful in this but I am working to be better every day. A sweet friend of mine said to me a few weeks ago, She was saying sorry to her body for hating on it. For not seeing it in its full beauty. For not having the highest thoughts about it. As a woman this really resonated with me and my path at this moment. To see my body as a beautiful masterpiece created by Spirit. Created also by the experiences of my life. The wrinkles are from laughter that I wish not to wipe away. The curves are from the 4 babies I carried. I wouldn’t trade the smiles or the experiences of holding those babies within me for tighter abs or slimmer hips. I feel this invitation to invite you CELEBRATE your bodies! Say Thank YOU to your bodies. Thank you for being the walking miracles that you are. Thank you for showing me even with my scars that this body is a blessing. This body is a temple of many dimensions. Sensations. Energies. Connection. Emotions. All to be celebrated…….. What would it be like for you to begin a new conversation with you where you smiled at your own body in the present moment? What would the ripple effect be for you if you began to connect and love your body where it is instead of where it will be after doing xyzzy? Would you be able to connect to the simple energies of masculine and feminine sides and explore these parts of you? Would you be able to begin to love other sides of your present state in other ways? What would those new conversations with self change in your life? Can you see how celebrating your being from all the layers can strength the connection with them all? Namaste to your naked self! Namaste to your journey to self!

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